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Bismillah Hir Rehma Nir Raheem and Assalamoalaikum

At Quran Rays all efforts will InshaAllah be made to teach Quran to boys, girls and ladies of all ages with Tajweed, and spread the rays of this Word of Allah to all corners of the world.

Quran Rays also offers courses in Tajweed to boys, girls and ladies who on completion of these easy and simple courses can start teaching Quran themselves.

At Quran Rays we teach on Skype, Whatsapp, SOMA and imo whatever suits you.

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Individual Learning Sessions

At QuranRays.com, each student is given special attention, according to their learning need, by assigning a professional Quran tutor to individual student.

Adjustable Timings

Classes are scheduled according to the convenience of students, so that Quran learning can easily be adjusted according to their daily Routine without any hassle.

Female Quran Teachers

We have experienced Female Quran Tutors at our academy for sisters who are comfortable with learning from females.